About the first author

Diane MORIN, C.M., Ph.D. , FAAIDD

Diane MORIN, C.M., Ph.D. , FAAIDD. After fifteen years of being a practicing psychologist, Diane Morin has now been a professor in the Psychology Department of the Université du Québec à Montréal since 2001 and holds the Chair of Intellectual Disability and Challenging Behavior since 2008. She is also the Scientific Director of the University Institute for Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders attached to Quebec's public health and social services network. She is primarily interested in : behavioral and health problems (physical/mental) of children and adults with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders; the evaluation of programmes and services offered to these people; the parents of children with intellectual disabilitiy or autism spectrum disorders as well as the attitudes toward intellectual disabilitiy of society and of the various sub-groups who are more likely to exert an influence on the social inclusion of people with an intellectual disability (health professionals, teachers, etc.). Among other things she developped the Attitudes Toward Intellectual Disability questionnaire (ATTID). Generally, the mission of Dr. Morin's research is to find concrete solutions for certain difficulties of people with intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorders that could challenge themselves, their families or the health and social services network. Along with her research, she is very involved with the community, serving on the boards of organizations and committees connected with intellectual disability. Dr. Morin is a Fellow of the AAIDD since 2011 and has received numerous marks of recognition for her contributions to the area of intellectual disability, of which the most recent was being named to the Order of Canada in 2014.