Attitudes Toward Intellectual Disability 
The Attitudes toward Intellectual Disability questionnaire (ATTID) :

  • Measures attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities

  • Was developed from a multidimensional model tapping into the three dimensions of attitudes : emotional, cognitive and behavioral

  • Was validated in French and English with 1605 respondents

  • Can be self-administered or administered by an interviewer

  • Telephone interviews last approximately 22 minutes on average

There are two versions of the ATTID :

  • ATTID : 67 items

  • ATTID-Short Form : 35 items

You will find on this site :

  • The ATTID and ATTID-Short Form questionnaires

  • A User Manuel for each of them questionnaires

  • Excel files that allow you to enter your ATTID data and get results associated with that data